Monday, November 5, 2007



Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French secré, secret, from Latin secretus, from past participle of secernere to separate, distinguish, from se- apart + cernere to sift
Date: 14th century
kept from knowledge or view
working with hidden aims or methods
not acknowledged
conducted in secret
remote from human frequentation or notice
revealed only to the initiated
designed to elude observation or detection

Ever had a secret so big you thought you were going to explode if you couldn’t tell it? This has come up lately due to feeling a bit removed from the rest of society. PB and I are generally pretty happy in our own little world – occasionally we seek out others to fulfill something that the other can’t do for us – mainly, PB will call on a friend to go play Frisbee golf because for the life of me I know I’ll stink, and if I’m not going to be great at it…why bother?? Usually when PB is out with friends, I’d rather be alone. I’m much better off when I have some “me time” and that’s when I rejuvenate. Anyone else that way?

My work did a Myer’s-Briggs eval for the entire HR department a few weeks ago, and since I had never taken the test, was given one. Turns out I’m INFJ – I finally have a 4 letter explanation of why I am the way I am. Most people at work couldn’t believe I was an I – especially since I’m usually outgoing and talkative, but I much prefer to be alone and quiet, introspective and being around a lot of people is exhausting to me. The Feeling and Judging didn’t come as a surprise, nor did the Intuition. None of it was a surprise to me really, rather the surprise and “ah ha!” moment came when it was explained what an Introvert did under stress. We became extroverts – which is definitely the case with me. When I’m under stress, I want everyone to know about it J.

Perhaps that’s why it’s hard for me to keep a secret. Secrets sometimes cause stress, and if it’s bad – I want to share because others can help me come up with a good solution, and if it’s good – well, I just want people to know how happy I am.

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