Thursday, November 15, 2007

To Do List...

In case the holidays weren't going to be hectic enough, PB and I decided to move the weekend before hosting Thanksgiving, I'm going to make my holiday gifts this year and I've decided I hate my newish job (wait, scratch that...happy things in this post...happy things...)

Here are all the fun things I would love to get completed in time for shipment down to the fam - cause honestly, we decided last night to forgo the crazy holiday travel, and just enjoy each other on Christmas morning - sleep in, lounge in pjs and play WOF - instead of fighting traffic and parking at the airport, spending 200% more than it shoudl normally cost on a plane ticket, to fly down so PB can meet my family for the 1st time during the craziest time of the year when stress is raging and people/places/things are just nuts - call me crazy but I'm thrilled :) (p.s. - we'll go down there spring break time when my other sis, her hubby and their poopy butt can go - which honestly is all my mom cares about - getting the whole fam together at once - we're a pretty fun group...)

k - I'm not getting the picture thingy working - so I'll list out what I want to do... not necessarily saying it's gonna get done.... and I'm leaving out mom and PB since they both read this...

Tote bag - gotta get done this next week for b-day
2 make-up bags (one to match each of the totes I've made previously)
purple quilt - DONE!
felt name book - in progress
3 small handbags/totes - not sure of the style yet but for my three cutie-patootie nieces
more to be added I'm sure.....

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