Sunday, November 11, 2007


I generally hate moving with a passion - I like, no wait, don't mind, the packing and unpacking portion of it. When you're packing it's a great chance to streamline and get rid of stuff that doesn't need to be packed and moved. And unpacking is great because I'm a control freak and like to decide where stuff goes - mainly in the kitchen :)

I hate the actual "moving" part of moving. The schlepping boxes and furniture etc. That's the part the gets me. I remember when I was in high school we moved next door - how ridiculous is that? Not only are you packing eveything - but you're moving it all by carrying the boxes next door - arg. No uhaul - no truck - no breaks in between one house and another - it was horrible and I think I made sure I was working that day :)

This time around it's not nearly as bad as it usually is. I actually like the moving part right now. PB and I got the storage unit and garage pretty much completed this weekend - which feels sooooo good. Now we have our little place to pack up and move, and we'll get to that next weekend so we are completely done before turkey day :)

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