Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm back...for now...

Things here are going strangely well. The little one is sleeping better and better everyday (though now that I've been open about it I'm sure it will change again). He has 7 teeth (7!) and is walking around like crazy. He loves to dance and it appears that Madonna might be his favorite :)

He's the absolute greatest thing I've ever "done" in my life, and I'm so glad to be his mama. He is in the sweetest, cuddly mood lately and will just wrap his arms tight around my neck and lay his head on my shoulder for a while when I ask him for a hug - I love it. He loves playing catch with daddy and checking out the tomato plants with me everyday after work.

We are slowly preparing for the arrival of his little brother - which we still can't believe could be as soon as 4-5 weeks away. The crib is up and the newborn clothes are clean, but that's about it! I need to pull out the carseat, wash the newborn dipes and generally do all the things that I want to do (you know, the knitting, sewing and making really cool things for him like I did when I was pregnant with Poopy). We toured the hospital this past weekend and are happy to know that we will not be splitting our family up for the first few days of this new little ones life. We can all be together in the hospital until I'm ready to go home which gives me a large amount of relief.

PB is doing well and enjoying being home still. I think we are all looking forward to my maternity leave when the four of us will get three months together - all of us at home. What a gift that many families don't get a chance to have.

Work is still crazy busy but that is life. I've been handed more and more responsibilities and can only hope that means good things for the future. Until the little ones are big enough to get overseas, this job is treating me pretty well and I'm learning a lot on a daily basis.