Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things I don't want to admit about myself...

1. I'm boring - I honestly can't think about anything to put up here today. Except that.
2. I'm generally a control freak who is slowly learning to let go... it makes things sooo much easier.
3. I like happy endings. I don't watch scary movies or anything like that, and I have to "create" my own endings for movies that either don't really "end" or have a sad ending - I'll change it all around to where I'm happy with the result. People think that makes me weird.
4. I have an addiction to cheese. It truly is an addiction. Living in Bulgaria with 2 kinds of cheese was torture.
5. I gossip. It's bad - I talk about others behind their back instead of confronting them. Bad bad bad.
6. I'm fairly lazy lately - I'm usually lying if I say I enjoy working out.
7. I have had baby fever for the last 5 years of my life.
8. I hate reality tv
9. PB and I have a made up language we use only with each other - and we've realized other people will think we're completely off our rockers if we are overheard talking to one another.
10. I don't understand how I ever enjoyed "clubbing" or staying out late, or getting ready at 10pm to go out... I'm at home, in bed way before then...like I said in no. 1 - Boring :) and I love it that way.

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