Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Winter is here... yuck

So, the days of 60+ degree weather is gone, and took with it my cheery disposition. I love fall - I lvoe the changing of the weather, but I don't love 35 degree highs and freezing my butt off in the car while the heat is trying to get going.

I've taken to wearing gloves in the morning while driving to work - I did this last year as well and seems to help, but we're not quite at the weather that you bundle totally up for, yet kinda need to for a little while at least. My little AZ butt gets cold still :)

Anyway I guess I can't complain too much since last year we were covered in snow and ice for months at a time - literally - I would post pictures of it but they aren't up on flickr yet. PB and I really had fun with that first blizzard though - you remember it - even if you aren't from CO - it shut the Denver airport down for days - people were stuck there, cars couldn't leave, planes couldn't take off - crazy. It totally delayed my flight home, but I did eventually make it home for the holidays - even though I'll never fly United again due to an agent flat out lying to me... grrr (add them to BA and I am slowing losing international carriers)...

Hmm, I know it's supposed to warm up, which is a good thing cause PB and I need to finish moving.... ah, the joys of moving :)

(*Dear God, please let me find the motivation to move somehow...)

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