Saturday, November 17, 2007


OMG - not only do they give you crappy 4 hour windows (seriously - 8am to noon????) but they can't even make it in that time frame. We did our major move this weekend and my part of it was waiting at the new house for Directv and comcast cable to come by to set up the new digs. Comcast gave a 10-12 timeframe and were there at 10:15 - that never happens! But Directv??

yeah, showed up after 2pm. AND while he was there, he had to put in a new line cause comcast took the existing one, since he was there first, and he totally cracked the vinyl siding on my house - about 7 inches long! BS - and I'm PISSED. If he had pre-drilled there would be no crack, but he took out his anger and frustration on my house, and now I'm definitely not happy - and will be letting Directv know about it. Both PB and I were nice when he showed up two hours after the 4 hour time slot had ended... we didn't complain, we were nice and still look what happened.


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