Friday, November 9, 2007

small biz

So, PB and I have started talking more seriously about the biz we'd like to start, and timelines and such. Personally, it's all extremely overwhelming, but we would like to get the LLC set up this winter, and get things moving along by the summertime. We are tossing around idea names at the moment - something that includes us both, something that is general enough to include both sound (his area) and photography (my area) and something that we can grow into as the biz (hopefully) takes off. Ideally I want to turn this into full-time work for both of us.

We are getting great advice from coworkers who have done similar things, and luckily we know a great CPA who can help with the tax stuff - I'm pretty good with the bookkeeping etc since that's what paid my way through college (that and stupid college loans). I'm going to start looking into the right software we'll need, a good bank and all that stuff - seems complicated and I get confused and overwhelmed really quickly, but it's nice to do it together, and it's moving in the right direction for both of us - be able to set our own hours - work when we want, and be able to enjoy each other.

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