Thursday, November 8, 2007


Wow - I don't think I would hav eposted today if it weren't for a commitment to NaBloPoMo - so, I can't guarantee any excitement - not there what I post is usually exciting... but.... Anyway, here we go.

PB and I are moving back into my house - we have begun putting some things in - which was mainly done to "stage" the home, since we all know having an empty home doesn't do anything for the market appeal - and it doesn't help that this home has been on the market for a year. A Year? Seriously? Wow, time flies when you're... oh wait. Nevermind.

Anyway, we will continue to slowly move things over this week/weekend, and we are excited about it mainly because it will offer us more room than where we currently are, even though the house is tiny. But, it also has a yard - and with it now being FSBO - will allow us to maintain it - keep it looking nice - show it and hopefully get the damn thing sold already!

I'd post pics of it, cause it's an adorabel 1940's bungalow, but of course I'm at work - sssshhhhh - and I didn't upload photos on flickr of the house. So, use your imagination - it's small, but cute and well-maintained for a hosue of it's age.

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