Thursday, November 1, 2007


So, finally decided I had to start up with this site again, and what better way to kick my butt in gear than NaBloPoMo, national "blog at lease once everyday for a month" :) Something to keep me on track - right? Or something to show PB that I'm a total nutjob.

Either way, tons of nwe things have happended since I last showed my face (does it seem weird that I use that term) around here. I've been at a new job for the last three months. Finally got the courage, and the right offer, to leave the non-profit world. It was hard, and in other ways it was too easy. I do enjoy the bigger paycheck, and opportunities (can anyone say tuition reimbursement???) but I miss the extra vacation time, flexiblity and closer office. I think I'll survive. More tomorrow on the possible small business start up that is in the works.

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