Monday, May 21, 2007


Whew. I finally completed my sister's 30th birthday present. Too bad her birthday was yesterday, and it will take a few days for the package to reach her...but it's done!!! I feel like this was the ultimate accomplishment as I've never tried to sew a diaper bag before. I used a tutorial from Craftster and modified it a bit... I've been playing around with the patter in my head for a few months now. I finally found the perfect fabric - a beautiful upolstery fabric for the outside, and then a fun palm tree print on the inside. Which is perfect since my sis and her hubby got had a second wedding in Figi, and also honeymooned there. What do you think?

It has two elastic bottle-pockets on the outside along with a large flap pocket on the back. Inside has another side-long flap pocket on the back, and two elastic diaper pockets on the inside. It is fully lined and I used a fusible fleece to make it extra soft... I know that I want to do a changing pad to match, but that will take more time since friends are coming in town, and all my sewing is done on the kitchen table right now (it's only a one bedroom apartment...) I know it's not perfect, but I really think she'll love it-I hope she does anyway!!

On another note, we took the Harley up Clear Creek Canyon this weekend and the scenery reminded me why I love living in Colorado:

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~CraftyMummy2two~ said...

I love your diaper bag. I have yet to make a diapper bag. I have been meaning tooo. What tutorial on craftser did you use. You did a great job