Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas, New Years etc....

The holidays were very good to PB and I - we actually waited this year till Christmas morning to open all our presents, and it was so much fun just the two of us. We thought we'd sleep in (or at least I thought I would) but we were up early and out like little kids - ready to rip into the gifts. I made coffee and cinnamon rolls and we started to dig right in. I cannot believe how generous both our families were - it was crazy to see so many gifts for just the two of us... although a lot of presents under the tree didn't have either of our names on it... hmm...

we had breakfast later and chatted on the phone with family - it was so much fun to just take it slow, watch each other and enjoy the day. Knowing this will be our last "quiet" Christmas for some time probably just made it sweeter. We had Christmas dinner with friends and played games into the night before heading home and getting some well-deserved rest. The only bad part of the day is when PB started to get sick - which lasted well into the next day so we both stayed home from work. Otherwise, it was an amazing Christmas to remember. I'd have to say, my favorite gift (if I have to pick one) has got to be one of my Christmas eve presents from PB - a huge, fluffy, super-soft and comfy robe - one that will continue to fit me as I grow. :)

That weekend saw me getting the bug that's been going around...I couldn't keep any food or liquids down from Saturday to Tuesday - not sure if it was the bug or something else, but either way I was unhappy and exhausted, and truthfully, a little afraid of food. I guess when you get that sick all the time you aren't very happy with the cause of the sickness and just want to get as far away from it as possible. New Year's Eve was PB and I tucked in at home playing board games. He brought out Monopoly for my semi-annual butt-kicking (we've only played this game together 3 times - I swear I'm out within 15 minutes maximum - that guys knows how to roll some dice. I need to take him to Vegas). We also played Sorry, which is a special game for us and was a Christmas present to me from PB - I am happy to say that I was the 2007 champion, but was quickly brought down in 2008. It was a sorry, sorry loss.

We got breakfast with friends on New Year's Day, and hung out with the same friends later that night - we tried to play their new "Friends - Scene It" game, but unfortunately something must have been wrong with the game cause the girls team lost to the boys - definitely a flaw somewhere in the game for that to have happened.

Back to work again. I'm feeling much better these days - food is staying down and I've gotten new clothes that actually fit me - Yay! What wonders it does for your self-esteem :) We go to the doc again this coming Tuesday and get to schedule the BIG ultrasound - I hate waiting cause I want another picture of the baby toe, but February isn't too far off and I guess I can handle the wait. We're just happy that everything has gone so smoothly thus far. So, for those of you who already knew our news... I'm finally putting it out there! For those of you who didn't, you know now. I'm going to try to document the whole process (well, the rest of it at least) so that I can get it all down and not forget a single moment of this incredible time in my life. I can honestly say I have never known a happiness like this.

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