Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still no pictures

So, I still haven't gotten the crappy memory card issue fixed with my computer, so still no pictures, but we've decided we need to continue taking some belly shots cause all of a sudden that thing is growing!!!

We've started carpooling in the morning, which I really enjoy. Not only to I get to spend more time with PB in the morning (while he drives to his work) but I then get to work earlier, which will hopefully help to make a good impression on the powers that be so I can get some flexibility when the BT gets here...

We've decided we're actually both in pretty good spots right now - isn't that a weird feeling?? You spend so long worrying about money or bills or debt, but when you actually put your mind to it, the truth of the matter is, you've got a good job with good future potential - and honestly, you've got it better than many. We're incredibly blessed and it was sort of an eye-opener to realize that :). Also puts my mind a little at ease when I think about the toe's upcoming arrival (5 months anyone?????). I still can't believe it's that close. Seems like a long time, but also something that will creep up on us quickly and the next thing you know we'll be bringing our little one home.

The next 5 days will most likely kill me - I hate waiting - probably the most impatient person around - but I guess right now with the anticipation building, it's just kinda fun ;) I can't wait for that birthday present, and PB and I decided we'll both wear the appropriate color shirt to work the following day to show our support of "Team Pink" or "Team Blue". It's so funny when people ask if we want one over the other. My general response is "as long as it's non-alien, I'll be happy". And that is the truth. I can see the benefits for a boy or a girl, and I guess I want both - so we'll see what's in store. We've tried to guesstimate based on the ridiculous chinese gender calendars (every single calendar gave a different prediction), on the heartbeat test (we've been in the 150's the whole time), or whether or not I had morning sickness (not - thank goodness!) and all we've been able to come up with is that we have no clue what this little one will be until it **hopefully** cooperates on Tuesday. I'll keep you posted...

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