Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Wow, whirlwind trip to OK to meet Chris' family, see the sights of Tulsa, and basically get away and relax for a long-weekend. It was an overdue trip for me to get out of dodge, and I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing where he grew up.

We took off on Thursday right after work, and luckily the crazy snow finally died down about an hour or so into the drive. We missed the tornados on the CO/KS border, and made it to just north of Wichita around 1:30am or so.... we stopped to sleep for a few hours since neither of us could keep our eyes open any longer. The next morning we headed out once again for Stillwater. Lunch with Chad (a former college roomate and his girlfriend) at the famous Eskimo Joe's and then off to Owasso to meet Chris' mom and her husband - we spent the night there, and in the morning headed off to "the farm" north of them. Got a chance to tour the land, check out all the new baby cows etc. Fun time...loved it :) Check out the pics:

Then, we headed to his brother's house for a get-together that night, Chris spanked everyone who attempted to play them at horseshoes...which he still talks about. The next day was absolutely beautiful, almost 85 degrees, breezy... so we put a blanket down in the backyard of his brother 2.5 acre property and he snoozed while I read - it was absolute bliss. The rest of the weekend was spent getting to know his dad and his wife, Chris' sister, and basically just hanging out. It was a great time, and the only downfall was the drive home yesterday! We left late so we didn't get in bed til about 10pm last night.

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