Monday, April 9, 2007


Well, spring sorta came, teased us, and left. This past weekend brought more snow, cold gloomy days, and a reminder of the long winter we just got through. Chris and I tried to make the most of it, going to the movies, shopping etc. 300 was a gory but good flick, but to my shock and disappointment, the small flurries that were slowing falling when we went into the theater had turning into a swirling mass of snow. More snow. UGH.

It's beautiful. Really. I love snow. I love my four seasons. I love watching the leaves change color and dropping down to a big pile in the yard, the first snow blanketing the earth and making everying a crystal white; snow angels, snowball fights, and hot chocolate. Then spring, rebirth, new life. Trees budding, flowers blooming; rainfall. The smell of freshly cut grass, crisp cool nights. Then comes summer with the hot, sweaty days. Feeling the sun on your face. Long days, and warm nights. Sounds of kids playing in the park, baseball. It's a beautiful thing. Really. So let's get on with it already!

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