Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Ah, well, a new week has begun. I worked all day on Saturday for our annual Breast Cancer walk - it was a great turnout for only the second annual event in Denver. Chris came with me and got to meet all my coworkers - lots of fun!

On Sunday we had the entire softball team over to celebrate their Boulder Victory!! Yay Champs! There was a great turnout - people were playing cornhole tournaments, eating lots of brats and drinking off the keg we got. Me, I relaxed in the new hammock I bought on Friday and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Later on I got a group to play cribbage, but unfortunately I was not victorious - major bummer. We also watched the Denver Nuggets defeat San Antonio in game one of the playoffs! Go Nugs!

Check out some of the awesome pics from that day:

I took Monday off and spent the day sewing - loved it! Finally figured out zippers too, which I consider a mojor accomplishment. Forgot to upload the pics, but I will get them up in a bit...

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