Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Snow :)

This is what my driveway and front yard looked like this morning. Hard to believe last night I was cheering the Wild Wings softball team to at 21 to 6 victory just last night! Spring snows are wet and heavy - perfect for playing outside - execpt for the fact that I'm done with snow, I was gardening two nights ago, and Chris and I are headed to OK tonight after work. Blizzards and tornados do not make for good road-trip weather...

Oh well, we've decided to continue with our plan, but drive slower and stop along the way if needed :). I've got my books ready for the 12 hour drive, and have a few knitting projects to work on along the way... this is the first one I'd like to tackle. I have the perfect yarn in mind for it, and although I don't have size 35 needles (who does??? they're HUGE!!!) I've decided to do size 17 needles instead...I think it will still be lovely.

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