Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I love love love this show. I look forward to Mondays now, which seems a bit weird, but I race home from work, to race to the gym just so I can be home, settled on the couch with a salad right when it starts :)...and so it began last night. Who doesn't love how this show is moving right along? wow. I never got into Lost, or 24 - just not my style, but I caught a snippet of Heroes about the second or thrid episode in "Save the Cheerleader...save the world". Wow. Good stuff right there. Can't wait for April 23rd...at least while it's off I will have that extra hour to study for the GRE.

GRE. Haven't really started studying yet...though I've thought about studying, and listened to some math problems. I'm not nearly as daft at math as I had once assumed I was. Maybe as you get older you don't get wiser, you are just open to more ideas. Maybe it's just that I've got a good teacher (see post below about the pursuit of happiness) who is incredibly patient with me :).

I recently saw "An Inconvenient Truth" which changed my outlook on everything. I mean, I joined Peace Corps cause I wanted to change the world. Even though I've since learned that's not really going to be as plausible as I had once hoped, I would still like there to be something left of this world for my future children... wow - something's gotta change here. I'm so glad that this won the Oscar. Perhaps it inspired others like me who hadn't yet seen it to go rent it. Make a difference.

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