Monday, March 12, 2007

another bag

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Colorado...after months of snow on the ground (I swear, the snow from the first blizzard in December just melted) we finally had a wonderfully warm day - shorts, no shoes and a nap in the park watching the guys practice softball. Here's a nice action shot! It was such a nice day on Sunday - grilling out, playing in the park - what a great way to get my fill of Vitamin D! I can't wait till it warms up even more. The longer days, warm nights, grilling out, playing in the park, mountain biking, hiking, swimming - I could go on and on. :) - For now, I'll settle for the beautiful 70 degree weather we're having right now. Can't beat it.

I also spent Saturday evening sewing. I wanted to make something other than the tote, and I wasn't ready to tackle the diaper bag for my sis, so I chose something in between. I made a hobo bag from some incredible fabric I found at a local thrift store, and I looooooove it! It's got such a "Burberry/British feel" to me, and since I love brown, this works out well. I've already taken it bowling with me on Sunday, and matched my outfit around it for work today. I've already discovered some changes I want to make on my next one, but will definitely be making more of this bag - soooo easy, quick - love it! I can take pics of the next one I make and post a tutorial on here if anyone is interested. I'm also going to make a lined, zippered pouch for this in the same fabric since I still have tons left over. What do you think?

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