Thursday, February 7, 2008

yanking on the umbilical cord...

So I may be the only one that does this but I've totally given my little boy an "in-utero personality". Some of the recent stories include the following:

- envisioning him constantly tossing and turning over, trying desperately to get comfortable, but he unfortunately takes after mom already and has a difficult time with that one.

- PB said since it's his boy he's probably down there yanking on the umbilical cord holding up a little glass asking for more milk - yuck! :)

- One morning I had a strange stabbing feeling in my side and the only way to describe it was to tell PB that if felt like he had grabbed ahold of my intestines and clamped it shut, kinda like what you do to a garden hose.

- He scooches away from PB's cold hands when they first touch my belly and I can see the little thought process chugging along, mad at daddy's cold touch. He generally chills out a bit and will scoot back over when PB's hand warms up :)

- He's going through another growth spurt cause I can't stop eating and I'm still hungry - this boy already takes after dad :) - so I always think he's looking up asking for more (PB thinks this is done in a sad orphan voice).

- When I wait too long to go pee I swear he's poking at my bladder - mad that he's running out of room in his home, wondering why I'm holding it in and ready for me to make it go away for the next 30-45 minutes. He definitely gets that from me - I don't like feeling crowded either.

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