Wednesday, February 13, 2008

21 week appointment disappointment

Hm, well, I was so excited about this doctor's appointment - maybe I just built it up in my head a bit too much.... but I wanted to hear about the ultrasound etc. Not only did that not happen, but we waited about 30 minutes for the doc to come in, but she spent about 5 minutes with us. It seemed to me that she was more interested in telling me to not gain 10 pounds every appointment (yes, I gained 10 punds this time, but considering it'd been 5 weeks since our last appointment, and I had only gained 2 pounds so far - that's not too bad). It made me feel all flustered cause how many pregnant women feel good about how they look??? With all the changes your body is going through you're gonna have some self-esteem issues - seriously... So, that got me distracted and it wasn't until we got to the car that I realized she didn't even cover anything from the ultrasound.

She also seemed annoyed that we didn't want to go through the hospital classes - Um, we've signed up for our own Bradley classes thankyouverymuch.... $75 - $100 for breathing classes that are utterly useless when it comes time for delivery seems like a bit of a waste of money. Yeah, the bradley classes are more expensive, but it's more than just natural delivery - they also do nutrition, breastfeeding and general after baby stuff as well. To me, it's worth it. That class focuses on the type of birth I want. Not stupid breathing that does nothing to help the pain, causing me to go straight to some kind of drugs or epidural... no thanks.
So, as I said, she acted a bit put off, and asked if I was at least going to schedule a tour of the birthing center since it was free... uh - lady. Yeah. I would like to tour the hospital where I'm giving birth. Of course. I'm only 21 weeks. Cut me some slack...

Anyway, I'm hoping that she was just swamped from being out of town last week - and that it won't happen again. It really put me off and I was in a bad mood for most of the night.

Weight Gain so far:
8 week - 12 week appointment
= 2 lbs gained
12 week - 16 week appointment= 0 lbs gained
16 week - 21 week appointment= 10 lbs gained (eek!)
Total= 12 lbs gained - still on target even though I put on 10 pounds in 5 weeks.

8 week appointment - only saw heartbeat through internal ultrasound
12 week appointment - found heartbeat with Doppler immediately and was strong in 150's
16 week appointment - found heartbeat with Doppler immediately and was strong in 150's
21 week appointment - found heartbeat with Doppler immediately and was strong in 150's - didn't get to hear for very long cause PB made me laugh and then I couldn't stop - I think I totally annoyed the tech cause she left right after that... oh well - I guess that was the highlight of our appointment yesterday.

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