Thursday, March 5, 2009


So, I've been missing in action for the past few months - It's been hectic with the holidays, the babe's sleeping habits (which are finally getting better!), and all the crazy things going on with my job. So, to recap breifly, we moved the poopster to his own room right after Christmas :(. He actually started sleeping much better pretty much right away which means that PB was right when he said we were probably keeping him awake at night. Sleep has been touch and go but for the most part it's significantly better than it was from months 4-6. He's also now napping in his crib thanks solely to my superhero husband and fab stay-at-home-dad. I can't take any credit for that one.

We had visitors and went to Tulsa for a short weekend. It has been fun but honestly I'm looking forward to being just the three of us again for a while.

We switched to cloth diapering at 7 months and haven't looked back - I love it! It is saving us time and money, and poopster hasn't had any issues. While the initial start up was a couple hundred, we won't have to buy any more diapers - ever. These will last him until he potty-learns. So, we'll definitely be saving money in the next few months.

We've had the mildest winter that I've seen in Colorado in a long time, and I must say I'm pretty thankful. I'm not sure I'm digging the snow and cold much anymore especially now that I'm worried about how warm poopster is when we're out and about.

Speaking of poopster - he's getting bigger and cuter every day (if that's even possible). He is a total ham and loves the camera!!

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