Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Poop

We have tons of crazy nicknames for the little one - Poopster, the poop, buster; we joke sometimes that if we are overheard by strangers they are going to think we are crazy... either way, he does look at us when he hears any of the nicknames in addition to his name.

He grins like a maniac when he sees me come home from work. It's the absolute greatest feeling in the entire world. He is showing incredible personality and is soooo alert. So many people have said this to us - how he's more alert and focused than any other baby they have seen. Frankly he's been that way since he was born. He is constantly checking out the world around him.

His sleep is still touch and go - I think he's finally starting to teethe although I've been saying that since 4 months and he doesn't have any teeth yet :). I think the trips and lack of continuity in routine has definitely affected him. Although last night he only woke up at 2am to nurse and then again at 6am. After nursing at 6am I thought he was going to be up for the day (it's pretty standard) so I brought him into our bed thinking I'd get another 15-20 minutes if I was lucky. He slept between us for the next 2 hours! I can't remember the last time hubby and I got to sleep in together. It was great - add to that the fact that poopy was absolutely adorable, snuggling in next to each of us to get comfortable, and I was just in heaven.

When I was feeding him his dinner tonight he started to make a funny face so I make a fish face at him. He laughed so I kept doing it, and he started to make his own fishy face! I called hubby in (he was getting ready to go play poker with the guys) and poopy made the face for him too. Of course as soon as we got the camcorder out he just smiled for the camera, but I was glad that hubs got to see it before he left.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend - we all got to relax and hang out. Played mini-golf with friends yesterday, planted my seeds for the spring/summer garden, and just got to have fun together. The naps I got both yesterday and today also helped - my energy lately is just shot. And now I get to chill, make some cookies while poopy sleeps and wait for hubby to get home.

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Rebekah Karasko said...

I would love to hear what you found while doing your diaper research. I'm thinking of going with the BumGenuis 3.0. What kind do you use?