Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa Baby...

Sorry for my prolonged absence from the blog. It's been extremely hectic at work as the transition is taking quite a bit longer than I had initially anticipted. I'm still doing at least two jobs, and don't really see a light at the end of the tunnel anytime soon. I'm excited about the new opportunities, and as soon as I have time to relax a bit, may even be able to do some work trips to Alaska, Hawaii and Guam (crossing fingers...).

We moved as well... about a month ago and are now trying to settle into a house much much closer to work. Once we made the decision that PB would stay home with the little guy we decided it was time to cut my commute time - it's now under 15 minutes in rush hour!
We started solids, oatmeal speccifically, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Buster loved it! He knew exactly what to do immediately and was quickly leaning in to reach the spoon, trying to grab the spoon out of my hand, and crying when he finished all the oatmeal! I am still amazed everyday by my beautiful boy. We've successfully introduced carrots (last week) and tonight proceeded to sweet potatoes. He wasn't a big fan of the carrots initially, but I think he's come around. He liked the sweet potatoes pretty well right off the bat. I can't believe how much fun each new thing is.

Buster is rolling over consistently whenever we put him on his back - it's right to grabbing the feet, rolling on the side, and moving onto the belly... he's also putting everything in his mouth and is ready for his teeth to cut through the gums... as are mommy and daddy :) although I still can't get over his gummy smile - which I now get whenever I walk in the door after work. It's the best thing in the whole world and melts my heart everytime.

This week my building at work had a holiday party with a very realistic looking Santa. Buster was fascinated by Santa. He didn't cry and could not stop looking at Santa - I wasn't sure if it was the beard (which he grabbed), the hat or the big red suit, but he was in a trance... we are really looking forward to Christmas this year with our little guy.

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