Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week 34 dr. appointment update

Well, BT gave us a bit of a scare last week at the doctors appointment. On Tuesday the 13th we went in for the regular 34 week check up and did the strep B test. Dr. thought it was a good time to make sure he was head down, and while he was, I was also 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. Being as I was only 34 weeks the dr. was a bit concerned and put me on the monitors for about 20-25 minutes. No contractions on the monitor while I was there, but she gave me instructions to do a "modified bed-rest" meaning no work until we went back in a week to get checked again. Ugh. Well, it was scary to say the least, and every time I felt a contraction I thought to myself that he just wasn't ready. I've been thinking about him being a June baby for so long.... how could he be born in May?

Well, looks like now we're still on track for a June baby, though we may not make it to the due date of 6/22. PB thinks it'll be 6/8, and I'd be happy to make it to 6/1. :) I stayed home and tried to sleep in, relax, watch crappy daytime television, sew and basically catch up on doing nothing for awhile. It was nice but a bit boring, and I know that it was hard on PB to not be able to do stuff together like we used to. We did spend some time at the pool on Saturday, which was very nice, and I got some color on the belly - baby sure does like that :)

Went back to the dr. yesterday and there was thankfully no progression, so I was given the OK to go back to work for awhile. So, here I am, trying to play catch-up, and stay stress/frustration free. It's weird to be back after a week, after not knowing if I was coming back before the baby and all... everyone has been nice, and it'll be great to finalize things a little better before I'm outta here.

So, for now, that's the update. I was able to sew more on the quilt, and finished a changing table organizer (it's actually on the crib), and I started the diaper bag and made a bunch of burp cloths... so it was certainly a productive week. I'm just glad that's he's decided to stay put for the time being.

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