Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Art

We had a week off last week for our Bradley classes, and we both agreed that it was a welcome week off. I really enjoy the classes, however, it's been so crazy busy lately I feel we have had something every night. So, with softball over (spring season at least) and no Bradley class, we had a much more relaxing week last week. But, with that week off came extra homework. We slacked a bit and haven't even cracked open the student workbook yet, so I sent that off with PB to work today so he can get going on his part, then I'll take the book tomorrow and work on my part. If this rain doesn't let up then we can do our joint part together tonight cause the disc golf tournament will be cancelled - otherwise we'll figure it out.

Another part of the homework was baby art. Anything we wanted. We had talked about doing the belly shots - which we still will...hopefully. But we just didn't get around to it. Instead we worked this weekend on the altered letters to hang above the BT's crib. I finished decorating them last night while we watched Cinderalla Man. (good movie by the way...). I love how they turned out! Of course I don't have any pictures yet, but we'll take them to class tomorrow, and then hang them up this weekend. I can't wait to see them hanging above his crib (which is totally ready for him). PB asked recently if I was "nesting" and I guess I really am. All I want to do when I'm at home is wash his clothes, get the crib ready and basically prepare for his upcoming arrival. I finally feel like we are ready to bring him home... and I can't wait.

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