Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I haven't given something up for Lent in many years. I used to do this back in high school, when I was much more involved with the church than I am now. But I still love the idea of bettering yourself, and making an attempt to stop doing something you know you should :) For this Lent season I changed it up a little bit. I'm giving something up, but also doing something more. I will give up chocolate and sweets (anyone who knows me knows this will be a difficult feat...but one I will be so proud of when I am successful). I was also going to start writing in a journal, but that's pretty much what this blog is....sooo.... I am going to start writing more handwritten letters. It's a lost art form; letters. Receiving one in the mail always gives me a boost. I loved receiving packages when I was in Peace Corps, but receiving a letter, one that someone sat down and wrote out, rather than typing and emailing, meant the world. We were crazy for things to read in english over there, I was reading about a book a day, the standard Newsweek from cover to cover... even the ads. But a handwritten letter from home - wow. It was incredible. So, now that I'm living in a state away from all my family, I've decided for Lent that I will begin writing (and sending!) those letters. Be it a card, or a 10 page letter, it will be something to make my family realize how much I'm thinking of them, and how much I love them. I encourage you to write letters to your friends and family, even if they live down the street. Who doesn't love to open that kind of mail?
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
First Post
I've been thinking about life recently, and where it's headed for me. Certainly not the direction I thought I would be taking 5 years ago; but most definitely one that I am finally happy with. I made a big decision this past weekend; I'm going back to graduate school. I put it off for years (four years to be precise - ever since I got back from Bulgaria) and decided this weekend that enough's enough. I love everything there is about school; homework, tests, teachers, intelligent conversations, learning new and exciting things.... I could go on and on. I'm looking now at a certain program, back in my homestate, though not my hometown :). Luckily they have what is called a "Peace Corps Fellows" program, for those who are returned Peace Corps volunteers - special perks to go back to school and continue the 3rd part of the Peace Corps mission - bringing it back home. I look forward to this incredible opportunity - though not the GRE test part of it :)
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