Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I just found out today that I'm number 6 on the register. I should be thrilled, and I am, but in my head I was hoping/thinking I would be either 4 or 5 so was slightly disappointed that it was lower. (yea, I get that it's ridiculous to be disappointed in this score). We are so excited about the possibilities and hope that my score will be enough to get me an invitation to the January A-100 class. I doubt there will be a November class, and this was all but confirmed by my registrar, but stranger things have happened. We have decided though that we'll wait for January to give Thing 1 a chance to finish the first half of Kindergarten before we change schools on him. We'd also like to keep my end of year bonus from work if possible, and want one last holiday in our house before we sell it. Yep, you heard it. We're going to sell. We talked about trying to rent it out, but frankly, it's a logistical nightmare than neither of us really want to wade through if we don't have to. We'd rather have the peace of mind, and extra cash monthly, and since we doubt this is now where we'd come back to it just makes sense to not hold onto it.

So here I sit. Waiting for the call. Waiting to see, despite continuing resolutions, sequestration, and budget cuts, if hiring will continue for the Department of State, if my score will be high enough to get an invitation, if the house will sell, if the stars align... Lots of ifs. Probably one of the only things I know for certain is that my husband and I are in this together, that this is something we both want - each as much as the other. That knowledge helps me stay sane during the waiting.


GH said...

Hello! Just found your blog. Good luck with the wait and hope you make it to A-100, soon! My husband has been trying for years to make it in and we are waiting for QEP results to see if he will ever advance to the OA. Not expecting it will happen this year, but that's ok. There is always next year!

st said...

GH - I hope you received good QEP news! Don't give up either if it's something you guys want. I know it's a tough time to get it but it is not impossible. Best of luck as your husband (and you) navigate this crazy process!

GH said...

Hey S,
I've been wondering if you got an A-100 invite. You need a new post!Fingers crossed for you!

GH said...

We need some updates-did you get an offer?