Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have been with my current company over 4 years now. Love it or hate it (I've been in both places more times than I care to count) I have had many many experiences here. I got married, got pregnant, met one of my closest friends as she was hired to be my replacement while I was out on maternity leave, got pregnant with #2, started (and finished!) my master's degree, made many wonderful friends (and potentially enemies), and the last four years here have been spent either laughing, crying, venting, or screaming (and sometimes working!). Although I am more than ready to move on next week there are many things, or should I say people, here that I will miss.

I say all the time that I love change - I should, I've been through it enough; I've initiated change, embraced it, left the country twice looking for change, and have started over more than once in my life. There is a difference this time; although I am excited about the change I know what I am leaving behind. I have never been one who was great at keeping in touch with people; I have groups of people from different times in my life and I'm sad to say that when I move on (physically or figuratively) I'm terrible about staying in touch. I want to be different. I need to be different. I am different now. I have been so lucky in the 6 years that I have been in Colorado - I think I may have even grown up when I wasn't looking (ssshhh - don't tell).

This time will be different. I know who is important to me and I know it won't be the same as being able to go out to a spur of the moment lunch or have infrequent but wonderful dinners with close friends. I will not be here to help a good friend plan her wedding (but you can be damn sure we'll be there for the event!!), and I'll miss seeing another set of friends as they make their way through the journey of being a parent. However, I am looking forward to our upcoming move to Tulsa. Being able to raise my children near family is incredibly important to me; we will also be able to buy a house (with land!) and have a big garden and hopefully be able to do all the things that we haven't yet been able to do in Colorado. I am overwhelmed with wonder if I can actually do the job I am being hired to do, and I suppose that a bit of hesitation and nervousness is only normal. It's not a bad thing to want it all, right? Cause I do. And we'll have a guest room ready for anyone who wants to come visit.

My friend sent me this picture today. This explains it all:

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Amy Sullivan said...

Hey girl,
Sara sent me a link to your blog...oh, I know she will miss your friendship.

Good luck in Tulsa and enjoy your big garden.

Love the word picture.