Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a new day

We graduated. My husband and I walked last Friday, on our oldest sons third birthday. We have (un)officially obtained our Master's degrees. It was a bit anticlimactic since we have to complete our final class before we are officially done. The empty casing that should have held our degree was simply a reminder that we have more to do. The time we had was exhausting; but luckily we have both of our moms there to help with the kids. I am happy to be home. A week in Vermont with mosquitoes the size of small airplanes was a bit too much, especially for my children who seem to attract them just as much as their mommy does...

I am still waiting on that magical phone call that could transform the comfortable little life we have created here in beautiful CO. I'm wondering if it's the right decision; second guessing myself is something I'm good at (who isn't?). However, since I don't actually have an offer letter in hand I guess I'm putting the cart in front of the horse. In the meantime, i plan on enjoying my time here, doing all the things I have taken for granted simply because they were in my backyard. Lunch with a good friend, a hike perhaps, accupuncture, a date with my husband, maybe even a trip to the Maroon Bells (six years of living in CO and I still haven't been there...)

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