Monday, October 6, 2008


It's fall here. I'm really not sure when that happened, but the seasons have changed and summer passed me by. Perhaps I was just too busy spending time with Colin, but I'm really shocked that so much time has passed. How is he almost four months old? I can't believe that it's October... and that we're thinking about Halloween. How cute is our little monkey??? I haven't found one that quite fits him yet, so even though this one is 12 - 18 mos I couldn't pass it up.

To try to get out and enjoy the beautiful Colorado colors we took a drive this weekend. We originally headed up to the Estes Park area, but soon realized we'd become one of the dreaded "leafers" and quickly turned back. We ended up at Lion Gulch Trailhead and had a wonderful time hiking and enjoying the fall colors and crisp air.

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