Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Update

We were a little nervous about taking Colin on an 11+ hour car ride to Tulsa this past weekend but it went pretty well. We had a few bumps in the road at the beginning, but quickly figure out how to make it work. After spending two hours reaching into the carseat in the back, we stopped, nursed and I moved to the backseat to be next to Colin. That seemed to work pretty well. I was also glad to have brought the battery-operated pump because I was able to pump and feed him from a bottle which made things super easy. We headed out after Chris got off work on Friday and made it just past Salina before we got a hotel. Baby boy had been put in jammies when we stopped for dinner in Hays and had fallen right asleep. It was the first time he had really slept since we had gotten in the car that afternoon, so needless to say he didn't even open his eyes when I changed his diaper in the hotel! Poor thing was pooped. The next morning we didn't rush and headed out to Stillwater to stay with Chris' old college roommate. His little girl will be one this month and she's just a cutie. The first thing she did was come over and give Colin a kiss :) I think he's got his first girlfriend.

The next day we headed to Chris' mom's house and had lunch with the family. Colin got pretty fussy and I think it was mainly because he's used to mom 24/7 and not used to being passed around and generally having so much going on. We took a long nap and he felt better. On Monday we went to the cabin his aunt and uncle have on the lake and hung out with his dad's side of the family. Spent the night up there and headed home on Tuesday. It was a great trip...

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