Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby wearing

I am a huge believer in baby wearing. After reading about all the benefits of baby wearing while I was pregnant, I researched different slings and wraps, and decided I like the hotsling. So, I searched on ebay and got a smoking deal on a super cute one; I think I spent about $10 (which al came from doing online surveys - so it was basically free!). Once Colin arrived, we quickly discovered it didn't work. He was too long, or just didn't fit right in it so I put it away, figuring I'd sell it, and just resigned myself to holding and carrying him. He was so small it didn't really matter at that point.

When he was about a month old we took him to our Bradley instructor's house to show him off and share our birth story. She is a big supporter of baby wearing and told me she really liked the maya wrap with her two little ones. So, off to craigslist I went and found one there for a good deal... which he again hated. I realized that both of these used the cradle carry, and I guess he either didn't like it or didn't feel comfortable.

A little sad that I spent $40 on two carries that he didn't like, we used the snugli for a walk. He loved the way that one held him. I didn't want to use a snugli as our main method of carrying him since I've heard various arguments from the medical field that it's not good for their development and bone structure. But, I wanted to find something that mimicked it - preferrably one I could make.

Tada! Here is what I found - used a 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought 5 yards of white cotton jersey knit (makes three wraps) and cut it this morning. He LOVES IT! Finally found an awesome solution. Will post pics of him in it later...

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