Monday, June 9, 2008

Still no baby...

I swore I wouldn't be one of those women who were sent home from the hospital because they weren't truly in labor... it was too early etc. Well, Friday night we were sent home from the hospital. I had been in a long meeting on Thursday, and had timed my contractions - they were anywhere from 6 - 10 minutes apart. So, I headed home, called PB to let him know. I hadn't been feeling like myself since that morning... was very dizzy, not quite right. PB met me at home and we started timing the contractions... getting a little closer, and when we walked in the park they were much much closer... but each time I sat down, slowed down, took a shower etc - they slowed back down. Went to sleep that night early and woke up Friday to walk some more. We were pretty sure that it would happen that weekend - and hey 06/07/08 is a pretty cool birthday - one my mom even said she'd be able to remember :)

We walked and walked, hung out, got excited, finished packing our bags etc. We had our interview with the pediatrician that afternoon, so we headed into town early to have lunch, hang out (also got an oil change) and went to the appointment. Really liked the doc - and got some questions answered which was nice. The clinic is across the street from the hospital, and the disc golf course where PB plays is right behind it. So, he played and I walked and walked and walked. Probably 4+ miles, and I swear my feet felt like they were going to fall off. But, on the bright side - contractions were about 2 minutes apart. Even when I slowed down, sat down or stopped walking, they were less than 4 minutes apart. And some of them were lasting well over 12 minute long - many of they were lasting 3 - 4 minutes (they ones that had more time in between). So we grabbed some food - hung out at a friends house until we were sure they didn't change in consistency.. and headed to the hospital. Didn't bring anything up, and PB was very sweet to tell me that no matter what happened it was all good - I'm so glad he said that, cause when we got to the maternity ward, they hooked me up to the monitors and yes, I was having contractions, however I was no more dilated than I was before, and even though I was now 75% effaced, the contractions, while coming quickly, were not strong enough to make me progress.

I was so dissapointed. I was sure it was it. It's not that I don't like being pregnant, because I love it. I'm not uncomfortable (most of the time) and I'm not trying to be impatient, but I had my mind convinced that it was happening, so to change that thought process was kinda difficult. I have processed it now, and we decided to stop timing any contractions, which certainly led to a more relaxed weekend. So, here I am, Monday morning - back at work, no baby (stubborn little guy).

Here are some of the updated photos:

Diaper Bag I made:

Crib Organizer I made:

Wood Block Letters PB and I made:

"I love you to the moon and back" sign PB and I painted:

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